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Malcolm Liepke, Woman’s Hips, 2013

everything we touch is art

"Show & Tell" Charlie May SS14

Marriage bed by Edwina Sandys 
"You are quite correct in saying it is a long time since you have heard from me: in fact, I find that I have not written to you since the 13th of last November. But what of that? You have access to the daily papers. Surely you can find out negatively, that I am all right! Go carefully through the list of bankruptcies; then run your eye down the police cases; and, if you fail to find my name anywhere, you can say to your mother in a tone of calm satisfaction, ‘Mr. Dodgson is going on well." - Lewis Carroll to Edith Blakemore, Jan. 1, 1895

(Source:, via historical-nonfiction)